German Transport Minister Opposes Combustion Engine Ban Of European Union


Volker Wissing, transport minister of Germany has voiced strong opposition that are planning to ban the sale of the new cars along with the combustion engines across the European Union in the year 2035, and is also arguing this is going to discriminate against the vehicles powered with the synthetic fuels.

The lawmakers of the European Union has voted for backing the measure that is requiring the automobile companies for cutting the emissions of carbon-dioxide by 100 percent by the middle of the upcoming decade and effectively prohibiting the sale in the European Union of the new cars powered by diesel or gasoline.

The plan, which is still needing to be approved by the member states of the European Union, and is significantly boosting the electric vehicles due to the lawmakers has refused for exempting the cars that are powered with the synthetic fuels from the ban.

This plan is going to be hurting the automobile companies of Germany, who have focused on the powerful and expensive vehicles with the combustion engine and is also falling behind the foreign rival when it is coming to the electric cars. The transport minister of Germany said, they does not agree with the decisions.

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He also said, they are now wanting to shape the transformation in a way that has been open technologically and this also including the registration of the new cars beyond 2035 if they are powered exclusively with the synthetic fuels in a climate neutral way.


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