USDA Announced Framework to Support Food System Benefiting Consumers


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is announcing the details of a framework for the purpose of transforming the food system for benefiting the consumers, along with the producers and rural communities by providing more options, increasing the access and also creating new, better and more markets for the small and medium sized producers.

The announcement of USDA, has been built on the lessons learned from the novel corona virus pandemic and the supply chain disruptions that are caused by the ware of Russia in Ukraine. The announcement is also providing the additional details of the announcement on June 2021 for strengthening the critical supply chains and also addressing the longstanding structural challenges that had been revealed.

When the novel corona virus pandemic started, the USDA has made significant investments through the Pandemic Assistance Program of USDA providing immediate relief to the producers, along with the food workers, businesses and other.

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The goals of the Food System Transformation framework of USDA include building a more resilient food supply chain that is providing better and more market options for the producers and consumers during decreasing the carbon pollution. The framework also includes, creation of a fair food system that is combating the market dominance and is also helping the consumers and producers gaining more power in the market place.

The investments of the USDA through the programs included in the framework is going to help in making the vision of USDA a reality.  


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