UK: Inquiry Launched In The Semiconductor Industry


The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has now launched an inquiry that is examining the strengths and weaknesses of the semiconductor industry and the supply chain and opportunities in the United Kingdom.

This new inquiry has come amidst an ongoing shortage of semiconductors across the globe that has now caused the widespread disruption to the supply chains and this has also impacted the production of the popular products such as the Playstation 5 and Mini. The semiconductor materials have been essential in the electronics and are also used in the computer chips in everything from the airliners to the freezers of the fridge.

During the largest microchip of the United Kingdom has been subject to a controversial takeover bid from the company Nexperia and several other manufacturers like Japan, the United States and the European Union have also been heavily investing in the expansion of their facilities. The committee is also going to examine the opportunities for the partnership with the allies.

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The semi-conductors are also a dual use item and the things that can also be used both in the military and civilian products and like the access to them has been a matter of the national security.

Darren Jones, head of the Committee said, the semiconductors has been growing in the geopolitical and technological importance along with limited supply across the globe and essential that, they are conducting a stock of the of the capacity of the United Kingdom and what the government of the United can do for raising it.


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