Google Faces New Probe Over Advertisement Tech Dominance By UK Regulator


The antitrust watchdog of the United Kingdom has started a new investigation of Google over the suspicions it might be having abused the company’s dominant position across the company’s advertisement technology that is going to the heart of the business model of the company.

This move by the Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom has opened a fresh front in the regulatory tussle with Google and the CMA of the United Kingdom said, it had been concerned that, Google has sought to illegally favour its own advertisement exchange services during taking steps for excluding the services offered by the rivals.

Andrea Coscelli, chief executive officer of CMA said, the weakening competition in the area can possibly decrease the advertisement revenues of the publishers, which might be forced for compromising the quality of their content for cutting the costs and putting their content behind the pay walls.

The watchdogs around the world have now started to the home in on the large power that, the companies like Meta’s Facebook and Google has been wielding over the advertisement markets and is also striking at the heart of the money making machines of technology giant.

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Google is also facing a separate probe by the CMA into the possible collusion over the way it is operating the services of online display advertising. The CMA has been examining the way in which Google is purchasing and selling the advertising since 2020 and the company said, its advertising stack has been a potential conflict of interest.

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