Study: Reducing TV Time Decreases Risk Of Heart Disease


According to a new UK Study, over one in 10 cases of the heart disease can possibly be prevented if the people will decrease the amount of time, which they have spent in front of the TV. The experts at the University of Cambridge said, by sitting around after a large evening meal and also snacking in front of the TV and all is increasing the risk of the sick health.

The researchers of the study also suggest that, more than one in 10 cases of the coronary heart disease can possibly be prevented if the people watched less than an hour of a TV per day. But, if that has been not possible, they are also suggesting for getting up and moving around for breaking up the habits of watching TV and also ditching the chocolates and crisps.

The study is suggesting that, in addition to decrease the actual amount of time the people sit watching TV and there have been other measures that the people might be taking like breaking up their viewing of TV and also doing some light exercise in between.

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The researchers of the study said, the people can also try for avoiding snacks, specifically on the high calorie foods like the chocolates and crisps and all of these measures can possibly help in batter managing their risk of developing the coronary heart disease.

The researchers also calculated that, 11 percent of the coronary heart disease cases can possibly be prevented if the people has watched TV for less than an hour every day.


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