BMW Group To Open Cell Manufacturing Plant In Bavaria

Automobile Semiconductor

The BMW Group is going to be opening its Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CCMC) along with the necessary conditions in place for the purpose of commissioning of near-standard production of the lithium-ion battery cells. The automobile company is going to be demonstrating the industrial feasibility of the future generations of the high-performance battery cells in the facility in the region of Parsdorf, Bavaria.

The pilot line at the competence centre is going to be making it possible for analysing and completely understanding the cell value creation processes, and this is going to be enabling the future suppliers for producing the cells to the own specifications of the BMW Group and thereby optimizing the battery cell production with the regard to the costs, output and quality.

The company ‘BMW’ is currently ruling out the option of establishing company’s own large-scale battery cell production. The investment in the initial development phase for the Cell Manufacturing Competence Center that is totalling around 170 million euros and around 80 employees is going to be working at the location of Parsdorf, Bavaria.

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The company is going to be producing the samples of battery cell at the site for the next generation of the battery technology for using in the electric drive system of the company. Markus Fallbohmer, head of production engines, R-Drives at BMW said, the Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre has been next logical step towards penetrating all the aspects of the battery cell value chain of the company.


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