Bluefield Solar Purchase 80-Megawatt Battery Storage Plants In UK

Power & Energy

The company ‘Bluefield Solar’ has now actually acquired two standalone battery energy projects that is totalling 80 megawatt from the Green Hedge Energy of the United Kingdom. The purchase of 4.5 million pounds has been re-presenting the advancement rights, along with the grid connection prices as well as the leasehold of the land for the two battery storage energy projects, which are based in the regions of Worcestershire and Derbyshire.

Both energy storage projects have been fully consented as well as gaining from the grid connections and the construction of the projects has been expected to start in the year 2022, and the additional updates are going to be supplied to the shareholders eventually said by Bluefield.

John Rennocks, chairman of Bluefield Solar said, they are very happy for having actually acquiring the two battery storage energy development projects from the company ‘Green Hedge’, along with the expected structure. The energy storage has been an important role in supporting the decarbonisation of the power system in the United Kingdom.

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He also said, when the operational, the company has planned the properties is certainly going to have the ability for participating in a range of the useful solutions for the purpose of sustaining the grid and for making it more possible for the company for diversifying the company’s revenue streams.

The board and the investment consultant of the company is continuing for meticulously assessing a strong pipeline of the chances across both the primary and secondary markets.


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