Egg Prices Could Increase for UK Consumers

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According to the reports, the consumers could be hit with more high process for eggs as the farmers of the United Kingdom decrease their flock numbers in response for the escalating costs and the insufficient profit margins. The number of the chicks that are being placed by the egg producers of the United Kingdom in the month of April 2022 had been down by 15 percent per year.

According to the government of the United Kingdom, the farmers of eggs have been warning for months that, a tidal wave of the increasing costs in the feed, labour, energy and packaging had not being reflected in the retail prices of the eggs.

The egg producers have criticised the supermarkets in the United Kingdom for ignoring the industry warnings along with a leading producer, which is telling the delegates at the pig and poultry fair of the United Kingdom and he has also expected a shortage of the eggs given the cuts in the placing of the chicks.

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According to a government data, it has confirmed a decrease in the producers restocking their flocks along with the new birds and the number of eggs that is being set by the egg hatcheries have been decreased even further in the month of April 2022, which was decreased by 35 percent in 2021.

The number of the chicks that is being placed by the egg producers has indicated the number of eggs that is going to be available to the consumers in the upcoming months.


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