Nextdoor Announced API Partnership With Microsoft To Deliver Hyperlocal Neighbor Content

Business Technology

Nextdoor, a neighbourhood network company, is now partnering with Microsoft for the purpose of displaying the hyperlocal, neighbor-generated content of Nextdoor directly within the properties of Microsoft including Microsoft Bing and MSN and this marking the first time a partner is now using an API built by Nextdoor for the purpose of fetching the content and host on the site or app of the company.

The trending public posts from the company ‘Nextdoor’ is going to be integrated directly into the properties of Microsoft, along with delivering an engaging local neighbour content to Microsoft users in the United States. Nextdoor has been connecting the neighbors with each other and every nearby and it is also including the businesses and public services.

Currently, the neighbors rely on the Nextdoor in more than 290,000 neighborhoods across the globe and around one in three households across the United States and by integrating the popular posts of Nextdoor from the businesses, neighbors and the public services has been creating an engaging experience on the Microsoft properties along with providing more people with the local and timely information.

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Kiran Prasad, chief product officer at Nextdoor said, this has been the first partnership of the company of its kind and they are delighted for partnering with Microsoft for the purpose of distributing the relevant neighbourhood news and also enabling more neighbors for the purpose of building a real-world connections with the people nearby. The company is the neighborhood network and they are still looking forward for developing more strategic integrations and the connecting partners with their engaged audience uniquely.

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