Urban Electric Power And Pine Gate Renewables Partner For Energy Projects In US

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Urban Electric Power is going to supply 4,550 MWh of the company’s rechargeable zinc alkaline batteries to the Pine Gate Renewables for the solar and energy storage projects of the United States.

Urban Electric Power will be sharing the company’s rechargeable zinc alkaline batteries for the next five years to the Pine Gate Renewables for the company’s growing pipeline of a solar energy coupled and standalone energy products across the United States.

The Pine Gate Renewables is having more than 1-igiawatt of the operating solar energy assets in the United States along with more than 16-gigawatts in the active development including the hybrid, along with the standalone solar and standalone energy storage projects across the United States.

The partnership is allowing the company for accessing to the Urban Electric Power batteries every year under the preferential arms that is going to be enabling their customers the freedom for choosing a technology that is meeting the long-term reliability, capacity and energy needs.

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The patented technology tweaks of the Urban Electric Power, the chemistry of the familiar household AA battery for the purpose of making it rechargeable and this is enabling safer and more affordable energy storage solutions, which the company is offering under the able of Ohm to the homes and commercial and industrial customers and also to the utility-scale infrastructure projects which has been branded as Zeus.

Ann Marie Augustus, vice president of operations at Urban Electric Power said, as they are phasing out the fossil fuels and also added the distributed the renewables and the demand is only going to grow for replacing the old battery technology with the more cost effective energy storage that is much more safe and more environmental friendly.


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