Volkswagen Planning to Launch Scout EV SUV Brand in North America


The Volkswagen Group has been planning to launch a new dedicated electric vehicles company in the United States known as Scout that is going to be producing an all-electric pickup and off-roading SUV that is geared towards the consumers of the United States.

The supervisory board of Volkswagen, which has been headed by Hans Dieter Potsch and is also expected for voting and also approving a proposal for creating the new brand and the company’s meeting on 11th May 2022. The launch of Scout is going to be amplifying the presence of Volkswagen in the United States, which is a market where several other automobile companies such as Ford, Tesla, General Motors and also Rivian are either planning or producing the electric pickup trucks.

Volkswagen has been strategically sidestepping the growing competitive full-sized pickup market, which has been dominated by GMC Sierra, Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado and instead, the plan has been to build a C-segment truck, which has been smaller as compared to the Ford Maverick.

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The new brand, which has been named after the iconic International Harvester Scout that has come to the market in the early period of 1960s is going to start producing the two electric vehicles by the year 2026. Volkswagen is also intending for making up an initial investment of $100-million in spinning up the new company along with more investment to be followed.

This initial funding is going to be used for creating the structure of the company along with setting up the management and also start to bring the employees on board.


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