Mercedes-Benz Launched Autonomous Driving Technology For EQS, S-Class In Germany

Automobile Technology

Mercedes-Benz has now launched Driver Pilot feature, which has been a conditionally automated driving system with the Level 3 automation in Germany. Mercedes-Benz has also informed that, the system can also be ordered from 17th May 2022 for the models including S-Class and EQS for around 5,000 euros and 7,430 euros respectively.

This will be making Mercedes-Benz the very first automobile company in the world with the internationally valid certification for the conditional automated driving for the purpose of offering such type of a system as an option with the ex-works for the vehicles from the series of production.

The Drive Pilot of Mercedes-Benz is going to be enabling the drivers for handing the driving to the system under the several conditions as the heavy traffic situations on the suitable road sections in Germany up to the speed of 60 kilometres per hour. The company has also mentioned that, this system is going to be helping the users for relaxing and working during their drive of the company when the system is taking over the vehicles.

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The Drive Pilot system has also been capable of responding to the unexpected traffic situations and also handling them by the evasive manoeuvres independently within the lane or by using the new braking manoeuvres.

The system of Mercedes-Benz for the conditionally automated driving along with the Level 3 has been based on the vehicle sensing technology of the Driving Assistance Package and it is also including some additional sensors that are indispensable for conducting safe operations.

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