Power Electronics and Nuvve Partnered to Expand High-power V2G Charging Lineup in North America, Europe

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Nuvve Holding Corp., a global cleantech company and first manufacturer of the solar inverters for the utility-scale photovoltaic plants in the regions including Europe, America and Oceania announced partnership with Power Electronics.

The partnership is made for the purpose of integrating the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) GIVe platform with the charging station technology of Power Electronics for providing help intelligently electrifying the vehicles and also help to achieve the decarbonisation goals.

With the help of this partnership, Power Electronics is going to be adding Nuvve V2G-certified capabilities to the company’s existing bidirectional chargers. This cloud-based software Nuvve allows Power Electronics for going beyond the bidirectional charging, which is allowing an electric vehicle (EV) for sending the energy back to the grid by enabling the electric vehicles to provide the capacity and services that is helpful in stabilizing the grid and also preventing the blackouts.

By allowing the electric vehicles to store the energy, including the energy from the intermittent sources like wind and solar, this system of Nuvve also help to increase the renewable energy integration as well as prioritizing the mobility needs of the driver.

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Lynn Ames, vice president of the partnerships at Nuvve said, by working with Power Electronics, they are diversifying the offerings of the high-powered V2G charging for their customers across the world.

Lynn Ames also said, with this partnership, the electric fleets can possibly be integrated in a way that is making the grid more flexible, resilient and reliable and this has been very critical for decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions and slowing the climate change in the future.


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