Study: 60% Of Children’s Clothing Contain Toxic PFA Chemicals


According to a study, around 60 percent of the children’s clothing, which is including fabrics that are used in the pillows, bedding and furniture that are often with the green certification that mainly contain toxic PFA substances called as forever chemicals because of their persistence in the environment.

According to a study, which is published in the journal of the Environmental Science and Technology has showed that, most of the children’s products including those clothes that are labelled as waterproof, along with stain-resistant and environment friendly have been containing the harmful PFA chemicals that are not mentioned on the label.

Dr. Laurel Schaider, senior scientist at the Silent Spring Institute, which is public health advocacy of the United Kingdom said, the bodies of children have been still developing and are especially sensitive to the chemical exposures.

The team of the study has tested 93 different products that is often used by the children and adolescents and these products include bedding, clothing and furnishings. The researchers have specifically chose the products that had been levelled as stain-resistant, non-toxic and water resistant.

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The team of researchers had first used a rapid screening method for the purpose of testing the products for fluorine, which is a developer of PFA and the study has also detected PFAs in 54 products out of 93 products, which is including 21 with the labelling such as green, non-toxic or eco, and the chemicals had been most widely used in the products that are labelled as water resistant or stain resistant.


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