Head of Scottish Power Urged To 1,000 Pounds Bill Cut For Millions Of Customers

Power & Energy

Keith Anderson, chief executive of Scottish Power has warned that, millions of the customers have been facing a devastating winter unless there has been a major intervention of the government in the energy companies. The chief executive of Scottish Power said that, another expected increase in the energy bills in the month of October 2021 to be between 2,500 pounds and 3,000 pounds a year can possibly see large losses for the suppliers and most of the customers is unable for paying their energy bills.

He has also warned that, the UK regulator ‘Ofgem’ that has been setting the new price cap that has been too low can possibly risk the suppliers for decreasing and also for the foreign owned companies that is leaving the market.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the United Kingdom said, where they can possibly make a difference, specifically for the people, who really need their help that is what they are going to do. The chief executive of Scottish Power has put some efforts on the bones of a plan, which he has first mentioned in a frank exchange along with a committee of the Members of Parliament three weeks ago.

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He has also called for around ten million households for having their energy bills that have been decreased by 1,000 pounds in the month of October 2022. He also said that, the plan of the government for giving each household 200 pounds towards the energy bill, which is sum that is going to be need for being paid back and it will not be enough.


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