Airlines and Travel Industry Urged to End Covid-19 Testing to Enter US


Some of the major airlines along with the business and travel groups and other companies have urged the government of the United States for ending the novel corona virus pre-departure testing requirements for the international passengers that are fully vaccinated travelling to the United States.

The slow economic recovery of the businesses and the international travel industries and in the light of the medical advancements and the improved the public health metrics in the United States and they are also encouraging the people for immediately removing the inbound testing requirement for the fully vaccinated air travellers.

The airline executives have been saying that, most of the people of the United States are not travelling internationally because of the concerns that, they will be testing positive and will also be stranded abroad.

The letter written to Ashish Jha, Coronavirus Response Coordinator of the United States said, the economic costs that are associated with the maintenance of the measure or restriction has been significant and he said that, the spending of the international travel has been decreased to 78 percent as compared with the levels of 2019.

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The letter has also noted that, most of the foreign governments along with a similar infection, hospitalization and vaccination rates including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany have also eliminated the corona virus pre-departure testing requirements for the fully vaccinated travellers, and the government of the United States does not made any immediate comment.


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