Reports: A Plastic-Eating Enzyme Can Help Cleaning Up Landfills From Plastic


The Justice Department of the United States has been launching a new effort for the purpose of tackling the environmental inequities followed by a report from the government of the United States that has identified the Black and Latino Americans living near more pollution and smog areas because of the housing the discrimination.

All the attorney general offices across the United States is going to be required for designating an environmental justice coordinator who is going to be in charge of the education and training for the staff for helping them to solve the cases that has been violating the federal environmental laws.

Currently, over 30 million tons of the plastic waste have been sitting in the landfills of the United States and all those plastics have been taking hundreds of years for breaking down naturally and a scientific breakthrough can possibly help in cleaning the plastic waste much faster.

The plastic eating enzymes can possibly break down certain plastics in some hours instead of centuries and it has also been a simple process. The plastics are generally put into a container, which is filled with enzyme solution and the enzyme is responsible for breaking down the plastic in a matter of hours.

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Hal Alper, a researcher at the University of Texas said, they are now able to take all the plastic waste and will be able to get the waste disappear from the landfills. This process of removing the plastic waste has been much more efficient in the past few years.


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