Sources: CATL Planning EV Battery Production In The US


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (CATL), world largest battery making company has been in the final stages of vetting sites in the United States for the purpose of building the batteries of electric vehicles along with an investment that is going to be marking the first production of the Chinese company in the second biggest car market in the world.

The company CATL is also in talks for opening the plants that are going to be serving the companies including Ford Motor Co and BMW along with the potential sites including Kentucky and South Carolina, where the automobile companies are having assembly plants.

In the case of the potential plant based in South Carolina, the main goal is going to be for the battery production to start in the year 2026 and the sources said that, BMW has already been a customer of CATL and CATL has decline for giving any comments.

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Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL said that, the company had also been exploring the possibilities for localizing the production for the overseas automobile companies in their countries. He said that, the company has started the mass production of the batteries for the overseas market in the year 2021 and had also been looking lock in the company’s standing as the large battery supplier to the automobile companies overseas.

The company is also ramping up the production and the sourcing of the minerals for meeting the growing demand for the electric vehicles.


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