United Kingdom Is Poised To Ditch Plans For Empowering Tech Regulator


The United Kingdom has been poised for ditching the plans to provide statutory power to a new technology regulator and it has been done in a blow to the global efforts for stopping the dominance of the internet companies including Facebook and Google.

The new legislative programme of the UK government is not estimated to include a bill for providing statutory underpinning to the digital markets unit that has been based with the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) of the country citing the people that were briefed on the situation.

The government of UK said, it needed to respond to a consultation, which was concluded in October 2021 on the government’s new competition regime for the digital markets and the government could not comment on the timelines for any legislation in the future.

A spokesperson for Department of Culture, Media and Sport of UK said, their pre-competition regime is going to change the conduct of the most powerful technology companies and protecting the consumers and businesses who are relying on them right across the economy.

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According to the reports, David Canzini, deputy chief of staff of Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom has told his colleagues for scaling back the demands for the new legislation.

The digital markets unit had been announced in the year 2020 for the purpose of bolstering the competition region of the United Kingdom to prevent Facebook and Google from using their dominance for pushing out the disadvantage consumers and small size companies.

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