Aryzta Doubles Capacity of Irish Sourdough and Speciality Bread

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Aryzta Ireland and UK has now expanded the company’s speciality bread manufacturing plant at the company’s Grange Castel bakery in the region of Dublin, Ireland for the purpose of capitalizing on the growing demand for the sourdough.

The expansion of the state-of-the-art plant is going to be doubling the production capacity of the bakery for the sourdough and speciality breads for the customers of the company across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It is following the investment of the company in 2020 and the company’s Next Generation Stress Free French Bread baking capability at the Grange Castle and Aryzta Ireland & UK has been the owner of the Cuisine de France brand, which has recently celebrated its 32 years on the bread market of Ireland.

According to Aryzta, the demand for the sourdough bread has now shown some significant growth in the recent years and the investment of the company is also going to allow for the development of the new products for the purpose of meeting the ever-more complex tastes of the consumers.

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All of the speciality and sourdough breads that are produced at the Grange Castle bakery have been made by using a perpetual live starter, which had been introduced 30 years ago and this starter has been regenerated on a daily basis at the bakery and is also giving the speciality breads of the company distinctive flavours.

Anthony Proctor, managing director of Aryzta Ireland & UK said, this expansion has been an important step on the Aryzta journey to their bread range premium.  


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