Kraft Heinz To Leverage Its Innovation and Personalized Marketing Approach

Consumer Goods

Kraft Heinz has been leveraging the approach of the company to the food production and marketing for the purpose of helping in offsetting the inflation and also increasing the value for the priorities of the consumers as they have started for considering their budgets and also purchasing the priorities more carefully as the prices are rising across the categories.

Miguel Patrico, chief executive officer of Kraft Heinz said, throughout the corona virus pandemic, the consumers has re-discovered their brands because of an unprecedented change in their own live and as they have been looking to another moment of uncertainty along with the increased inflation. They now believe that, the connections and insights developed by the company with the consumers will be delivering on the needs for them as they are facing the increasing prices everywhere in the lives of the consumers.

But for the purpose of building on the inherent value, which is already baked into most of the products of the company and Kraft Heinz is also going forward and it will be further drawing on the marketing capabilities of the company for elevating its proposition through the assortments, product innovation, promotions, omni-channel communications and channel mix.

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Miguel Patrico said, for the purpose enhancing the food production at a time when the resources including the ingredients and labour has been increasingly expensive and valuable, and the company is also partnering with Microsoft for leveraging the machine learning and advanced analytics for accelerating the innovations.


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