Qtech Software and Expedia Group Expand Partnership To Provide Modern Technology To Travel Businesses

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Expedia Group and Qtech Software, a travel technology software providing company, has announced an expanded partnership for the purpose of delivering the access to the travel supply of Expedia Group for the travel businesses across the globe through the flagship technology platform of Qtech known as OTRAMS Go.

As a result of this partnership, the travel businesses of all the sizes are now having greater accessibility to the premium hotel content and technology through the platform of OTRAMS GO along with providing help in generating higher revenue, growing their businesses and improving the efficiency in the travel ecosystem.

Alfonso Paredes, senior vice president of Commercial Partnerships at Expedia Group said, this expansion of their relationship as well as the combination of the OTRAMS GO along with their Rapid 3 API and it is going to help them in bringing more companies into the global ecosystem, along with creating more choice and accessing to travel for the people everywhere.

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He also said that, Qtech has already been a great technology partner to the Expedia Group and they are thrilled for bringing their extensive supply to the platform of the company.

Prior to this partnership, the small to medium sized travel businesses had been forced for the purpose of integrating the inventories from the wholesalers, that will be making it difficult for providing the competitive pricing and also maintaining the margins and providing a range of the options of hotel to their customers.

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