XLCC to Create HVDC Cable Manufacturing Hub In UK

Power & Energy

The company ‘XLCC’ is going to create a new export-led HVDC cable manufacturing industry for the United Kingdom, which will be doubling the current production of the world. This project is aiming for providing support to the renewable energy projects with the first factory planned for the region of Hunterston, Scotland.

The company ‘XLCC’ is going to be delivering the first project for the Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project, which is consisting of four subsea cables of 3,800 kilometres long along with the first phase between 2025 to 2027connecting wind and solar power that is generated in the region of Morocco more exclusively to the United Kingdom in the region of Devon.

The company has also made the pledge while signing the UK Steel Charter in the parliament, and this partnership with the UK Steel Charter, a commitment has been made for the purpose of supporting the existing and future jobs within the industry and the supply chain.

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The XLCC also said that, along with strengthening the business based in the United Kingdom, the sourcing of the steel local will be cutting the transport emissions and also seeking to support the decarbonisation in the a sector that is dedicated for finding the ways for the purpose of decreasing the environmental impact for using steel.

Alan Mathers of XLCC said that, by signing with the UK Steel Charter has been an opportunity for showing their resolve for finding more environmental friendly solutions throughout all their operations across the country.


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