Data: US Food Companies Failing to Reduce Sugar in Brownies and Cookies

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There is a call for the government of the United Kingdom for publishing its long-awaited Sugar Reduction Progress Report and also announce the new, along with comprehensive and tough, regulatory measures for incentivising the industry for decreasing the sugar in the cookies and brownies.

According to a new data provided by Action Sugar and Obesity Health Alliance, there is a large variation in the sugar content and portion size of the popular cookies, along with the doughnuts and brownies, which leading to a call for the government of the United Kingdom for doing more for tackling the issue.

In spite of the government challenging the food industry in the year 2016 for decreasing the overall sugar content of the food products that are contributing the most sugar to the intakes of children by 20 percent by the year 2020. This new data us also further proving that, the robust measures are now very much needed for incentivising the food industry for decreasing the sugar content specifically as obesity prevalence among the primary school children is increasing.

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The Obesity Health Alliance and Action on Sugar are claiming to have exposed the large variation in the portion size and the sugar content of the most popular on the go sweet snacks in the retail, which is automatically showing the progress to decrease the sugar content.


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