Survey, Brexit Still a Concern for Agriculture Business Owners


A UK study conducted has now found that, Brexit remains a big concern for the farmers and the agriculture industry, and the agriculture business survey, which has been carried out by the Virgin Money has highlighted the resilience of the agriculture industry during the novel corona virus pandemic, but it is also indicating that, Brexit has still been a big concern.

Through the survey, around 35 percent of the farmers in the country has reported that, the novel corona virus pandemic has been continuing for having a negative impact on the businesses of the farmers, which has occurred mainly due to the labour absences and the delays in the supply chains along with a report of 9 percent positive impact.

Around half of the farmers are expecting a negative impact from Brexit, which has been an increase from two years ago, and the main aim of this survey had been for the purpose of monitoring any of the changing trends since it has conducted the similar research in the year 2020 and also founding out how the farmers are being affected by such things like the covid-19 pandemic, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and Brexit.

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The findings of the survey includes 51 percent of the farmers have been reporting that, the corona virus pandemic is having a very little impact on the businesses of the farmers, which has been an increase of 4 percent from the previously conducted survey.


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