Virgin Media O2 and Samsung Electronics Deploys 4G and 5G Network Sites Across UK


Virgin Media O2 and Samsung electronics has announced that, the companies have successfully completed the deployment of the multiple 4G and 5G live network sites across the United Kingdom along with advancing in the next chapter of their partnership.

With the help of this new deployment, the company have also completed the first 5G data call on the commercial 5G network of Virgin Media O2 by using the sites. The field trials on the sites had together been carried out by both the companies located in the Peak and Tamworth District of England since the beginning of 2022.

The trails are followed by successful lab tests that were conducted in the month of October 2021, including the validation of the capability and performance of the 4G and 5G solutions of Samsung Electronics on the commercial network of Virgin Media O2.

Additionally, these field tests has now demonstrated the interoperability between the 2G,3G,4G networks of Virgin Media O2 and 4G and 5G solutions of Samsung and has also validated the use of the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) capabilities of Samsung.

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Samsung has also provided the latest network solutions for the trials, that are including the 4G radios, along with the 5G Massive MIMO radios and also the baseband units. The solutions are also covering a wide range of the spectrum holdings of Virgin media O2 from the low to mid band.

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