Rishi Sunak Warned, Food Banks of UK Close to Breaking Point Amid Increase in Poverty

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Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom and Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the United Kingdom said has warned that, a group of more than 550 food banks across the country are close to their breaking point because of an unsustainable increase in the demand during the cost of the living crisis.

The increasing energy bills, along with the increasing costs of food and also the increase in the national insurance have been pushing an increasing number of families to the brink along with demand for help at some of the food banks that are doubling since the final months of the year 2021.

The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) has also urged the chancellor of the United Kingdom for the purpose of taking immediate action for the decreasing the rapidly increasing poverty and hunger across the United Kingdom.

Rishi Sunak, who is currently under increasing pressure over the tax arrangements of his family has been accused of failing for protecting the poorest families in the United Kingdom by choosing not to offer any kind of extra help on the bills or on providing benefits to them.

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The IFAN has also called on the chancellor of the United Kingdom for raising the benefits by 8 percent in the line along with the expected inflation along with the end of a wait of five weeks for the benefits and also providing the cash crisis payments to the families in the United Kingdom during the crisis.


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