Mercedes EV Sales Tripled Over First Quarter of 2022

Automobile Business

Mercedes-Benz increased the sales of the electric cars and the plug-in hybrids by 37 percent to 67,800 units in the first quarter of the year 2022. The sales of the fully electric EQ models, which have been more than tripled to 21,900 units sold.

The plug-in hybrids has now achieved their best first quarter of the year ever along with an increase of eight percent to 45,900 vehicles, however they are now accounting for the significantly larger share of the xEV sales, along with the growth, which had been much lower for the plug-in hybrids. In the same period of 2021, Mercedes-Benz has sold around 3,475 lesser electric vehicles than in the year 2022 and in contrast, the company has also increased the sales of BEVs by around 14,800 units.

With an increase of 210 percent has compared to first quarter of 2021, Mercedes-Benz has now grown more strongly than the rival company BMW. Although, the companies based in Munich, which also just published the sales figures for the first quarter of 2022, which has been ahead in the absolute terms.

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A comparison of the plug-in hybrids has been impossible, as BMW did not list them separately, and it has been leaving a look at the BEV shares and at BMW, 5.9 percent of all the deliveries in the first quarter had purely been all electric and at Mercedes, it had been 4.3 percent.


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