Government Pledged 7.6 Million Pounds For Rail Innovation In UK

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The government of the United Kingdom has mode 7.6 million pounds that are available for the cutting-edge technology that is going to be helping them to transform the rail travel. Wendy Morton, rail minister of the United Kingdom has announced that, the 2022 First of Kind competition, which has been inviting the bids from the companies that is specializing in the innovative ways for modernizing the railways.

In partnership with Innovate UK, the competition of 2022 is going to be awarding around 7.6 million pounds for the projects for creating the cutting-edge ideas that have been striving towards the transformation rail travel for the passengers and also decarbonizing of the network.

The competition has been officially opened to the applicants on 20th April 2022 and is closing on 8th June 2022, along with the bids welcoming from the organizations of all the sizes for the projects from creating a more cost-effective, greener and passenger focused railway. The competition of 2022 has been focusing on the technologies that mainly improve the cost efficiency and network performance of the industry for supporting a more reliable railway for the passenger and improving rail freight.

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Wendy Morton said that, she is very excited for launching the sixth round of their First of a Kind competition and in partnership with the Innovate UK, they have already invested 35.4 million pounds into more than 100 projects in the United Kingdom.

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