12-month Quest of Kellogg’s to Decrease Salt in Special K

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After struggling for 12 months, the company Kellogg’s, a breakfast cereal company have successfully decreased the content of sodium in the company’s Special K cereal range by around 20 percent without changing the iconic flavour of Special K.

Kellogg’s has also announced that, the salt in one of the biggest cereal brands has been decreased by an average of 19.8 percent, which has been making five of the seven varieties of the Special K in accordance with the upcoming guidelines of the United Kingdom. This move has also been in line with the Wellbeing Manifesto of Kellogg’s for the company’s European business revealed in the year 2021.

For the next decade, the company has also pledged for further improving the company’s food so that, they are now better for the people, along with the community and the planet. The plan of the company is aiming to decrease the salt by 20 percent and sugar by 10 percent and most importantly with affecting the taste by the end of year 2022.

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It is also aiming to get all the cereals of the kids that are classified as either Nutri-Score B and also addressing the chronic lack of fibre in the continent of Europe by ramping it up in the company’s foods by the end of the year 2023, along with feeding more than 30 million people in need by the end of the year 2030through the company’s purpose platform of Better Days.


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