US Dealers Praised BMW for Effectively Handling Supply Chain Problems


The novel corona virus pandemic, which is followed by the microchip shortage created the perfect storm in the automobile industry, and some automobile companies have fared better than the others in the challenging times and BMW has now shined in the segment.

Although, it had not been all bad as against the odds, and the BMW branch of the United States have enjoyed a boost of 3.2 percent in the deliveries has been compared to the interval of January and March 2021.

The dealers in the United States has been praising BMW for giving them exactly the cars that had been in high demand, and the car producer has been doing a tremendous job for the purpose of getting the cars to the dealers in any way they possibly can.

The company said that, by having that information has been allowing them for accurately telling the customers when a car has been coming into the market and are now confidently selling them into the pipeline. If the dealers does not know far enough out of what the products has been coming and when it has been much harder for them for preselling those cars in the United States.

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In the first quarter of 2022, BMW USA has successfully delivered 73,714 cars by beating Mercedes-Benz with 62,251 car sales, Lexus with 64,365 car sales and Audi with 35,595 car sales in the United States provided that, Tesla to be a luxury brand.


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