Study: Cereal Fiber Linked To Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

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According to a study, the intake of cereal fiber has been associated with the lower levels of the different inflammatory markers and a lower risk of the cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The researchers has found that, an increase in the total intake of fiber of 5 grams a day had been associated with the significantly lowering the concentrations of the C-reactive protein and the interleukin 1 receptor antagonist. But with the higher concentrations of the soluble CD163 and only cereal fiber had been consistently associated with the lower inflammation and also lowering the incidence of the cardiovascular diseases.

For the association of the serial fiber and the cardiovascular diseases, the proportion has been mediated by the inflammatory markers that has been ranging from 1.5 percent for the interleukin 18 to around 14.2 percent for the C-reactive protein and 16.1 percent for their primary and principal component.

The researchers of the study said that, the high intakes of the cereal fiber, which is not including vegetable and fruit fiber, had been associated with the lower levels of the inflammation in the old adult people, and the cereal fiber might also have a role in the attempts for decreasing the systematic inflammation and this new finding is needed to be studied in the future.


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