US FDA Aiming To Decide on Covid-19 Strain Selection For Boosters By June 2022


Officials of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States said that, the agency has been aiming to decide that, whether to change the design of the novel corona virus vaccines or not by June 2022 in order for combating the future variants of the novel corona virus even if the US FDA does not have the required information for measuring their effectiveness.

Peter Marks, director of Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research of US FDA said, they are going to have to think regarding this in a brand new way, which has been less than optimal because they are not going to have all the required data which they would like to have.

Peter Marks also said that, the future novel corona virus booster campaigns are likely needed for being less frequent, and the US FDA has also approved a fourth dose of the corona virus booster shots for the elder people of the United States.

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He added that, they are not going to be boosting the people as frequent as they are and he has been the first person to acknowledge that, this additional fourth booster shot of the vaccine had been a temporary measure.

Doran Fink, FDA scientist said, by pivoting towards a monovalent covid-19 vaccine, which is directed to something like the Omicron variant has been running the risk of seriously narrowing the breadth coverage for the people, who may be receiving that modified covid-19 vaccine as the primary series.


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