Uber To Add Bus, Train And Flight Bookings In UK


Uber, a ride-hailing company is now adding the buses, trains, planes and the car rental to the company’s UK app in the year 2022. This move has been a part of a pilot that can possibly be expanding to the other countries at a later date if it will be going well.

As Uber is not going to be providing these travel services itself, and it is also going to be allowing the users for the purpose of booking them through the company’s app followed by a software integrations with the platforms that can sell the tickets.

The company ‘Uber’, which might be taking a cut on each booking said that, it has been planning to announce the different partners in the upcoming months. Uber also said that, the integrations is going to help them for the purpose of boosting the app usage among the users in the United Kingdom, who is also having a choice of using the apps like Free Now and Bolt.

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Jamie Heywood, head of Uber in the United Kingdom said, the company is hoping to become a one-stop-shop for all the travel needs of the users. He also said that, you have now been able for booking the rides, boat services, bikes and scooters on the Uber app for many years and hence the addition of the trains and coaches has been a natural progression.


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