Toll Prices Available on Google Maps in USA, Japan, India and Indonesia


Technology giant ‘Google’ announced that, several new features for the Google Maps including the estimated toll price on the selected routes. Now the users of Google Maps can see the expected toll price during their road trips for the route, which they will be taking.

Google Maps is also going to get the iOS improvements, which is including a new pinned trip widget and also the option for getting the directions on the Google Maps directly from the Apple Watch. Google Maps is also going to be adding the prices of toll road for the time for the purpose of making it much easier for the users to choose between regular roads or toll roads.

The users are also going to be able for seeing the expected toll price of the trip to their destination before they will start the navigation, and the toll prices are going to be provided by the local authorities to Google.

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The Google Maps is also going to calculate the expected toll price by looking at the things such as the cost of using a toll pass and also through several other payment methods, along with what day of the week it is and what is going to be cost of the toll at the specific time of cross the toll gate on the roads.

This feature also going to be available on both the iOS and Android devices to the users in April 2022 only for around 2000 toll road in the countries including India, Japan, Indonesia and the United States.