Reports: British Egg Industry on the Brink of Crisis

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According to the reports, the production costs are increasing by 30 percent and is leaving British egg farmers in the brink of crisis, which will have an devastating effect of reverberating into the bakery industry.

The egg farmers of the United Kingdom are facing an unprecedented increase in the cost used to produce eggs, which has left hundreds of farms teetering on the bankruptcy. The right of costs across the supply chain starting from feed to energy have been an increasing and upward trend for the past two years, but the costs are now decreasing to the levels, which are never seen before because of the Ukraine and Russia war.

According to the data from BEIC (British Egg Industry Council), the feed has been doubled and the energy is increased by 40 percent, the packaging is increased by 15 percent, the transport costs are been increased by 30 percent and the increase in the National Minimum Wage of the United Kingdom has also added another 7 percent.

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The BEIC said, with the egg farmers of UK losing their money on each and every egg they produce, most of the farmers are choosing to stop the production rather than losing their farms.

Andrew Joret, chairman of BEIC said, the wave of increasing cost is going to see most of the family farms and some of the farms has been producing eggs for generations will be going under in a matter of days until something is done for decreasing the costs.


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