Bayer to Invest Millions in Sustainable Agriculture by 2024


The pharmaceutical company ‘Bayer’ has announced that, it is going to be investing 1.3 billion euros in the company’s impact investment unit for the next three years, which is going to be driving the innovation in the sustainable agriculture and aid for the food security.

The unit, which is known as ‘Leaps by Bayer’, has been tackling some of the biggest challenges of the society including the decreasing environmental impact of the agricultural sector and creating a more resilient food system.

At the Breakthrough Innovation Forum of Bayer, a number of executives and experts from the company has outlined how the forthcoming innovations is going to provide a number of the farming solutions for the purpose of making the agriculture more sustainable and less intensive of the resources.

By using the RNA interference technology, the company has recently launched a biotechnology defense system against the corn rootworm, which has been an insect pesticide that can cause serious damage to the crops of corn.

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Under this new defense system, the farmers can possibly control the pests that can be responsible for costing them around 1 billion euros in damage annually and at the same time will also be decreasing the need for the crop protections.

The company is all set for bringing a new and more weather-resistant plant to the market, which is known as the short-stature corn, and the new species can also withstand some more serious weather conditions and therefore they can be responsible for decreasing the losses and contributing to the food security.


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