UK Ministers Prepare to launch New Energy Strategy

Power & Energy

The ministers of the United Kingdom has launched a new energy security strategy as the fallout caused from the war in the region of Ukraine has been prompting a revived debate over the fracking and also wind power in the region of the United Kingdom.

This announcement has come as the government of the United Kingdom has urged for speeding up the upgrades of the energy efficiency in the buildings along with the aim of reducing the imports of UK of Russian gas by around 80 percent in the year 2022.

The consumer fuel prices had already been increasing across the region of Europe before the drive for decreasing the reliance of the continent of the fossil fuels from Russia, along with the increasing pressure on the governments for the purpose of diversifying the supplies of the energy.

However, the ministers say that, United Kingdom is not relying on Russia and Kwasi Kwarteng, business secretary of the United Kingdom said, there had been an urgent need for the United Kingdom for become energy independent for the purpose of freeing itself from the fickle gas market across the globe.

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He said that, this has no longer been about the climate change or reaching the net zero targets and by leaving their country, which is continuously exposed to a gas market that can possibly be manipulated by Russia, is going to be a complete damage of the duty.


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