Edible Insect Industry of UK Affected by Brexit Trade Law

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Many businesses are wanting to sell the bugs as the food in the United Kingdom have been left in the limbo due to the confusion of the post-Brexit trade law. The ministers in the United Kingdom are urging to update the food standards law for stopping the traders of UK falling behind their counterparts of the European Union due to lack of the transition arrangements after Brexit amid the concerns that some businesses could be closed down.

The Woven Network, which is a trade body that is representing the businesses of edible insects hopes that, a decision from the Food Standards Agency in the month of June 2022 is going to give them approval for trading across the United Kingdom.

A member of the Woven Network said that, they have got a five-star rating for hygiene, which has been great, but they had not been surprised when they got their response from the Glastonbury, and they had to contact the local authority and the council had been of the understanding that the insects are illegal.

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Aaron Thomas, who had been running a meal kit delivery company known as Yum Bug from the region of north London and he also added that, there has always been risk that, they are going to be closed.

The continuously increasing industry includes the meal delivery kit companies, food shops and suppliers for the major supermarkets and has also made an estimated revenue of 6 million pounds over the previous decade.


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