Tesla to Open Superchargers for Other Electric Vehicles in UK


The electric vehicle company ‘Tesla’ can possibly open its network of Superchargers to the owners of the other electric vehicles in the United Kingdom within weeks and this will help the country for easing the pressure on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United Kingdom, where the electric vehicles are accounting for 16.5 percent of the new car sales.

Trudy Harrison, transport minister of the United Kingdom said that, the government of the United Kingdom has been in talks with the producer of electric vehicles ‘Tesla’, which has enabled the non-Tesla access to company’s superchargers in some of the countries across the continent of Europe.

While preparing for the continuous increase of the sales of electric vehicles, the government of the United Kingdom has announced that, it I going to be driving the expansion of the electric vehicle charging points for the purpose of ensuring the support for the people, who do not have access to the at-home charging because of the lack of driveway.

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By the year 2030, the government of the United Kingdom also wants that, there should be around 300,000 public charging points across the country as it is aiming to tackle the carbon emissions related to the transport across the United Kingdom.

Tesla can possible come to the party for the owners of the non-tesla cars and the government of the United Kingdom is also working with some of the big charging point and car infrastructure people for the purpose of persuading them for making some of the charging infrastructure available for the owners of other electric vehicles.


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