Covid-19 Cases Decreased By 14 Percent This Week in UK


The novel corona cases in the United Kingdom have been decreased for the second time in this week as shown by the official data in spite of the calls for the free corona virus testing to stay and scientific advisors have been urging the people of the United Kingdom for wearing the masks and also socializing the outdoors again.

According to the data from the government of the United Kingdom has been showing the number of the positive covid-19 tests has been decreased to 14.2 percent in a week to 77,509 over the past 24 hours, which has been down from 90,349 recorded in the previous week.

The number of the novel corona virus has been recorded in the past week that had been slightly higher because of a data that has been issued in the country of Scotland that had seen in some days worth of the tests that has been decreased in the past week.

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In spite the decrease in the reported covid-19 cases, the hospitalizations has been increased to the highest level since the height of the Omicron covid-19 wave in the month of January 2022, which has been increased by 17 percent. The corona virus infections has been increased in every corner of the United Kingdom and in the region of Scotland that, they have already surpassed in the past week along with the people, who has been infected by the virus in the country.


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