Report: Scientists Create Greener and Healthier Alternative to Palm Oil

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A team of Scientists has now developed a method for effectively producing and extracting the oil based on the plant from a common microalgae that the scientists are claiming that, it can be a more healthy and greener alternative to the palm oil.

The team has been led by the Nanyang technological University based in Singapore, and the scientists are saying that, they have now produced an edible oil with the superior properties to those that are found in the palm oil.

The microalgal oil is containing more polyunsaturated fatty acids than the palm oil that can possibly help in decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and also lowering a risk of the person of stroke and heart disease. The oil produced by microalgae has been developed in the collaboration with the scientists from the University of Malaya, based in Malaysia and it is also containing lesser saturated fatty acids that have been linked to stroke and other related conditions.

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The researchers have also been claiming that, for producing the oils, pyruvic acid, which is an organic acid that is occurring in all the living cells had been added to a solution along with the algae known as Chromochloris Zofingienis and are also exposed to the ultraviolet light for the purpose of stimulating the photosynthesis.

The team has also separately developed the cost reducing the innovation for replacing the culture medium of microalgae with the residues of the fermented soybean along with improving the yield of the microalgae biomass.


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