Toll Roads Can Be Introduced As EV Ownership Surges in UK


A network of toll roads across the United Kingdom are now being discussed by the ministers of the United Kingdom as they have been looking at the new ways to the tax drivers, and the government of the United Kingdom has been concerned fuelling the tax, that is raising around 1.2 percent of the national income every year, and it is also going to stop being a good source of the government income as the country is continuing on the road to the net zero target.

Rishi Sunak Chancellor of the United Kingdom has been expecting to decrease the fuel duty for the first time in over a decade and the government of the United Kingdom has also been looking at the other means of income from the road users as more electric cars have been purchased along with the owners that are not paying the fuel tax and are also exempting from the car tax.

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According to the reports, there had been 380,552 fully electric vehicles on the roads of the United Kingdom in the year 2021, along with an increase of 281,706 from the year 2019, and the toll roads can possibly be one way the government of the United Kingdom can tax all the road users for making up for the owners of the electric vehicles for not paying the fuel tax.

A spokesman of the UK government said that, the government of the United Kingdom has been previously committed for ensuring that, monitoring the tax revenues for keeping the pace with the changes that are brought about by the switch to the electric vehicles.


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