US FDA, Jergens Lotion Recalled For Bacteria Contamination


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, some of the personal care products of Jergens has been recalled because of the possible bacterial contamination. The Kao USA Inc., the manufacturer of Jergens, has been warning the consumers regarding the company’s Ultra Healing Moisturizer in the sizes of 3 and 10 ounces.

According to a statement from the Kao USA, a limited number of the products can possibly show the presence of pluralibacter gergoviae, which has been a bacterium that is typically posing the minor risks for the healthy people but it can possibly result in the infections for the people with weak immune systems.

The company is also urging the consumers not to use the recalled lotion as a precaution, and the Kao USA also said that, it has been promptly took the step for precaution by issuing a voluntary recall of the products that are affected by the bacteria by removing the product in the question from the warehouses, along with working with the retailers for ensuring the product that has been removed from the shelves of the stores and also notifying the consumers.

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The company also said that, the scope of the contamination from the bacteria is still remain under the investigation process, and the consumers, who has used the products have been adversely affected and they should immediately contact the US FDA.


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