Carcinogenic Chemical Benzene Found in Personal Care Products in US


The independent testing has now found that, hundreds of the popular personal care items in the United States have been contaminated with Benzene, which has been a highly carcinogenic chemical that has been prompting several big brans for voluntarily recalling dozens of the products in the recent months.

The findings have also been suggesting that, the contamination of benzene has been widespread and has probably been in more products that have not been tested, and David Light, chief executive of Valisure said that, benzene has really should not been there at all, and he also said that, what they are seeing has been a fundamental problem in the manufacturing of a lot of consumer products, and till now, the Valisure has tested 662 items and found the chemical in 180 or around 27 percent of the products.

He also pointed to the research done from decades that had also found no safe levels of the exposure of benzene due to the company’s so much toxic at the very low levels, and the chemical based on petroleum has been responsible for causing cancer, particularly leukemia and also in the organs that form blood.

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The toxin has also been shown for the purpose of harming the central nervous system and reproductive organs of the people. The companies including Bayer, Procter & Gamble, CVS and Johnson & Johnson has issued the voluntary recalls for the widely distributed brands of the companies.


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