UK Scientists, Public Health Measures are Key to Stop Covid-19 in UK


According to the scientists of the United Kingdom, by ending the spread of the novel corona virus through the public health measures has been remained very much essential for stopping the novel coronavirus pandemic.

On the evening of the second anniversary of the novel corona virus lockdown that started the novel corona virus response of the United Kingdom, and Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust has been calling for the investment in the next-generation covid-19 vaccine and also having better access to the covid-19 vaccinations for the poorer countries.

Jeremy Farrar has now joined several of most eminent scientists in the process of praising the extraordinary response to the novel corona virus pandemic by the researchers, business leaders and clinicians, but the novel corona virus infections and the admissions in the hospitals has been increasing across the United Kingdom, and the measures like facemasks, ventilation and social distancing has been very much essential.

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Jeremy Farrar said that, the progress that is made by the researchers in past two years has been remarkable staring from the delivery of the covid-19 vaccines and the treatments in the record time to the hard work of the genomic sequencers that has been tracking the spread of the novel corona virus and also identifying the new variants of the corona virus.


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