Climate Change Threatening Chemical Facilities in US

Chemicals Environment

According to a new analysis by the Government Accountability Office of the United States, around one third of the hazardous chemical facilities in the United States are now being at the risk for the storms, floods and wildfires driven by the climate change.

The federal watchdog of the United States has also analysed over 10,000 factories, along with the refineries, water treatment plants and the other facilities that are responsible for manufacturing, store and also using the dangerous chemicals, and they have also found that, over 3,200 of them have been located in the places where they have been facing the damage from the increase in the sea level, increase in the hurricane storm, flooding and wildfires from the heavy rain.

The researchers of the report has also said that, the recent natural disasters have been demonstrating the potential for the natural hazards for the purpose of triggering the explosions, fires and also the releases of the toxic chemicals at the facilities, and the report has also been calling on the Environmental Protection Agency for the purpose of requiring the facilities for the purpose of preparing for the floods, along with powering the outages and several other effects of the climate change.

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The storms driven by the climate change have also damaged the numerous chemical plants, along with the refineries and also the water treatment plants, and the report has also found that, so far flooding has been most widespread hazard across the United States.


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