BMW and T-Mobile Partnered For First 5G-Connected Cars in US

Automobile Technology

The automobile company ‘BMW’ has partnered with T-Mobile for the first 5G-Connected cars of the United States of America. Under the partnership, the new Magenta Drive of T-Mobile for the BMW can possibly be extended to an existing T-Mobile postpaid plan of the customers for 20 dollars a month for the purpose of activating a Personal eSIM that has been bringing the high-speed internet access to the new fully electric iX and i4 vehicles of BMW.

The Personal eSIM that has been built into the mobile phone, along with the smart watch or tablet that his allowing the connectivity to the cellular network, which means that, a person is not going to have to deal with a tiny SIM card for the purpose of getting connected to the 5G antennas of the vehicle and also enabling the in-car WiFi hotspot.

Instead of this, the users are also going to be able for signing in with the BMW ID for the purpose of connecting the eSIM to the i4 and iX vehicles of the company. The customers can complete the set-up of the T-Mobile Magenta Drive for the BMW cars through the MY BMW app, and once it is completed, the users do not need the mobile phones in the car for the purpose making and receiving the calls using the current cell phone number.

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The addition of Magenta Drive for BMW to the plan of T-Mobile is also going to be allowing the users to connect around 10 devices at a time to the car along with the unlimited data of 5G hotspot and also unlimited voice calling.

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