UK Scientists Developed Robots With Realistic Expressions


The scientists in the United Kingdom has now developed a tool that has been enabling the robots for the purpose displaying more realistic and accurate expressions of pain at the time of the physical examination of the painful areas, and a team of the Imperial College London has now developed a new physical examination has now approached that can possibly decrease the errors and bias of the doctors.

The research has been suggesting that, this can possibly teach the trainee doctors for how to use the clues that are hidden in the facial expressions of the patients for the purpose of decreasing the force used in the physical exams along with detecting and correcting the early signs of bias in the medical students by exposing them to a large variety of the identities of the patients.

Sibylle Rerolle, from the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London said, by improving the accuracy of the facial expressions of pain on these new robots has been an important step in improving the quality of the physical examination training for the medical students.

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This new method has also revealed the order in which the different parts of a robotic face mainly called as facial activation units (AUs), and the study has also determined the optimum speed along with the magnitude of the activation of AU.

This has also been very crucial for the doctors for considering the facial expressions of the patients when they will be performing the physical examinations of the areas of pain.

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