AeroMobil Announced World’s First Four-Seater Flying Car


The company ‘AeroMobil’ has announced the second model of the company’s revolutionary flying car, which is going to be called as 4-seater AM NEXT. The AM NEXT has been responsible for leveraging the ground breaking engineering of the AM4.0, which has been the first production flying car in the world.

The AM4.0 has been a 2-seater luxury personal vehicle that is more than a supercar and light aircraft combined together and it has been a new species of the vehicle that is going to be starting the deliveries in the year 2024.

The primary business model for the AM NEXT, that is going to be launched in the year 2027 and it has been a fleet aerial ride-hailing service, and the AM NEXT is going to be providing a significant savings on the regional routes in the travel range of 100 to 500 miles that are too far for driving and too short for flying.

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The AM NEXT is going to be providing a no-hassle travel, along with comfort for working, playing, resting and also a door-to-door convenience. Just like the AM4.0, the AM NEXT flying car is having some major advantages over the other solutions of Advanced Air Mobility, and the technology of AeroMobil has been using the existing infrastructure, and it is also fitting the existing regulations of automobile and aviation and it has been significantly greater range than the eVTOL craft.


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